Marc Malusis: Chris Christie not getting the WFAN gig

A reader sends along: FWIW last night a caller to Marc Malusis brought up Chris Christie replacing Mike and Malusis said, without hesitation, that Christie has no shot at it and cited how he's disliked by so many people.

Since Malusis wants the job maybe he knows something. Maybe not...but he sounded certain it wouldn't be Christie.

Earlier this month we reported that a guy we know in the radio know said, "This guy [Christie] wants in radio? It's a tough sell when everyone hates you at the beginning. Especially when it is a political driven hate. Who would tune in? No one. One has to build up to that kind of on air hatred."

Throw in his failed auditions (to which even Craig Carton looked forlorn talking about his performance in the mornings after) and...betting Malusis is correct.

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