WWE's Jerry Lawler: CNN could have created 'TwitterMania' with a Steve Austin / Donald Trump video

WWE Legend Jerry Lawler joined FOX News' latest 'interrupt every interviewee' host Neil 'Taxes' Cavuto yesterday to talk Donald Trump tweeting out this video of him clotheslining #FNN CNN that led to the lying network's blackmailing of the animated Gif's creator.

Lawler's take? “It was just a goof, it was something funny and I think people need to lighten up. Why can’t the president have a sense of humor? Why can’t we all have a little bit of a sense of humor? Not take everything so serious,” Lawler said.

Lawler then went on to point out that CNN would rather be a fake news producing strong arming joke instead of a clever network that could have responded in turn, "There's video of Stone Cold Steve Austin actually giving Donald Trump a 'Stunner.' If I had been CNN I'd have gone back and I would have got that clip and I would have put the FNN logo over Stone Cold Steve Austin and we could have had TwitterMania!"

But they're just too stupid.

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