From the left: Dems Fear 'Sore Loser' Hillary Book Rollout will Further Propel Trump

Democrats fear that 'sore loser' Hillary Clinton's book will further propel Donald Trump's certain re-election.

Democrats reveling in President Trump’s “plummeting popularity” are looking nervously at the post-Labor Day release of Hillary Clinton’s campaign memoir, says Al Hunt at Bloomberg. Most Dems won’t criticize her publicly, but “wish she’d move on.” They fear her excuses for why she lost will only “help Trump make his case that the controversies surrounding him flow from the Democrats’ bitterness” about her defeat. But Clinton “remains haunted,” believing the election was stolen. She “may be right,” but “she’s the wrong messenger: She just comes across as a sore loser.” Indeed, “more than one in five people who voted for her in November now regard her unfavorably.”

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