Charissa Thompson looked like a strip club waitress: Mushnick

charissa thompson phil mushnick

Phil Mushnick killed Charissa Thompson's see through black outfit worn on FOX yesterday:

FOX and “NFL Kickoff” host Charissa Thompson Sunday gave genuine gender equity and legit broadcast journalism a real boost, as she dressed like a bare-shoulders, plunging neckline, cocktail waitress in a strip joint.

Not to mention her colleagues. Uneducated morons Terry Bradshaw & Bill Cowher proclaiming 'freedom of speech' rights for private corporate employees were only superseded in stupidity by an almost illiterate Michael Vick fumbling even with crib notes.

Mush has ripped the classless outfits of Holly Sonders at the US Open in the past.

He's killed that phony bikini clad Erin Andrews.

How about ESPN, the network that forces men into suits to talk sports while, inexplicably, allowing Linda Cohn & Rachel Nichols to appear sleeveless?

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