Sid Rosenberg fires shots at Boomer & Gio, Len Berman, et al.

Bernie & Sid in the Morning starts April 1st

bernie and sid in the morning

Sid Rosenberg has wasted no time taking shots at the morning competition

Sid Rosenberg tweets:

Boomer & Gio give you sports. Berman and Riedel give you politics/news. Now you’ll have a show that gives you all that PLUS laughs, better guests & cutting edge opinions. Starting April 2nd if you’re not listening to from 6–10am you’re a fucking idiot. Blunt enough?

And look who just weighed in - old friend (and former Boomer & Carton centerpiece) Tracy Burgess.

Tracy later responded to Sid thanking her:

I adore you personally and respect your immense talents. You have a staunch defender in me ❤️❤️❤️

Funny. 2012 Sid: Boomer Esiason's 10th job? "ASSHOLE!"

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