'Carton & Friends' premiere was listened to by more people than was Boomer & Gio and Joe & Evan

If the premiere of 'Carton & Friends' was a traditionally rated radio program -- it was listened to by more than all but 5 New York radio stations. And Carton had a warning today for both 'Boomer & Gio' and 'Joe & Evan' -- "If I was doing a show against me? I'd be concerned. If I was doing a NY show that aired between 9-1...I'd be concerned about us stealing listeners because we've already started to do it. I guarantee shows from 9-1 are going to have their ratings implode."

We would:

A) NOT broadcast on 70 different mediums
B) We would stream on FNTSY's and not RotoExperts Video's YouTube page
C) We'd pick one, TuneIn or iHeartRadio (and http://fantasysportsnetwork.com obviously)
D) One Twitch account if any. And if you're going to use Twitch - you have to interact with the folks typing in comments...
E) Keep the Facebook, Twitter, et al. streams but never ever talk about them
F) STOP Corey Parson's guffawing

*Update -- Online Audio Program 'Carton & Friends' sees strong preliminary ratings.

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