Yankee announcer Michael Kay used 1/4 of his big brain in an epic twitter fight

It started off innocently enough. ESPN sports talk show host Michael Kay was pumping his NY show on twitter by confirming he doesn't troll well, "what starts the Michael Kay show tomorrow: Mets weekend or this game 4?" when Mets fan Joey Hendler, basically, pointed out what every NY fan does. The back-and-forth that followed? Not the Michael Kay from a few weeks ago.

And then? The host who uses only 1/4 of his big brain (and a cartoon avatar) got into an epic fight with someone he may or may not have thought was a 9-year-old Ivy League prodigy.

"I'm willing to let you leave with dignity but you can't stop..." (photo via MFP)

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  1. Would have been better if he used you're instead of your multiple times. But this is great.

  2. Anonymous6:10 PM

    On twitter, your is very much acceptable. Ha!

  3. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Would've been really great if he mentioned the carbon monoxide spot Kay does..."I literally could have died..." Bringing up WFAN making fun of him for weeks about registering for cash donations for his wedding was classic. He "literally" wouldn't allow anyone to attend his wedding if they didn't present at least a grand to him via a citibank deposit...not mastercard, but priceless nonetheless.

  4. Say all you want, but Michael Kay is still one of the greatest NY Sports announcers out there! He's very fair,objective and gives props when due to any of our NY Sports teams when they're doing great or stinkin' up the joint! Other Metro areas are envious of the talent he brings to the NY MEdia!

  5. Craig9:34 AM

    One of the greatest? He's 8th just between Mets and Yankees TV broadcasts!

  6. Hilarious, makes sense that a guy with a head the size of a basketball would have an ego just as large.


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