Oh girl! 'Frustrated' HS girls soccer player knees downed opponent...in the head

Alex Morgan is finally having an effect on kids. Unfortunately it was on East High (Utah) player Petiola Manu (#12 in white) -- who decided to knee downed Woods Cross High School player Makenzie Clark (#12 in blue). No red card despite the fact that that move is even banned in MMA.

Manu apologized yesterday: "I let my emotions get the best of me and I took it too far. And I just want to apologize to her and everyone. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Manu added. "It was a physical game and I let my emotions get the best of me. It was nothing personal. I was just really frustrated with the game. I wasn't thinking. I was just running on adrenaline, and the game was tied at the time." Manu also complained that Clark guarded her closer than she's ever been guarded before.

Those damn frustrating tie games.

The Utah High School Athletic Association is investigating.

Not the first time this has happened in high school girls soccer, won't be the last.

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  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Why are saying that Alex Morgan is a dirty player, when she is not. She is far from it. This is a deceptive title to gain attention to your article.

  2. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Good-bye Manu. Good thing she isn't on the target shooting team.. hate to see what would have happened if her "emotions got away from her" there..

    Now that this is viral the coach should do the right thing and remove her from the squad. this was no accident and this moron would have said NOTHING had it not been captured on film.

  3. Anonymous9:30 AM

    The school, the principal, the AD, the coach all would have let this go if the Blitz didn't publish this. And it is even dirtier than Alex Morgans knee was! Now that's dirty.

  4. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Isnt this the second time in a week a Utah youth sports team has been the video object of dirty moves (football earlier)?
    C'mon man!

  5. Anonymous10:04 AM

    This girl should be banned from High Schools sports for either forever or one year. Tough game or frustrated or not this is uncalled for. If her coach doesnt get rid of her then the school needs to get rid of that coach. Always an excuse of " well I just lost my cool" BS

  6. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Suspend her from school for 5. Remove her from the team right now. And the The Utah High School Athletic Association should ban her from HS sports through December when she's supposed to graduate.

  7. Anonymous12:09 PM

    I wonder if this happened in a boy's game if comments would be so negative - probably hear well, boys will be boys. Women and young girls shoud be ladylike in all that they do including on the sports field. I agree she should be suspended for 3 to 5 games and if it happens again, suspended for the year. Have any of you responding ever lost your cool - I know I have and I am a woman who hates to drive because of the maniacs on the road who ride your bumper, pass in no passing zones and then pull in in front of you because a car that passed in a no passing zone didn't look to see if cars were coming in the opposite direction. My losing my cool involves only raising my middle finger. What about those who drive 20 to 30 miles over the speed limit and do crazy stunts like passing in a no passing zone and causing pile-ups or going like they are on a Nascar track - isn't that losing your cool. And, 98% of the time it is male drivers who pull these stunts. And for your info - I will only go 5 miles over the speed limit and have to drive watching my rear view mirror to avoid being killed. I am sure the response to this will be women shouldn't drive - well, to all the busters out there, it is our right although I am ready to give it up and take a bus,train or plane - feel safer in these situations than I do on the road.

  8. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Even if this was payback, and the other girl struck first blood, this is uncalled for. Although it was pretty tame, she should still be suspended.

  9. Anonymous1:00 PM

    My daughter plays HS soccer and this is totally uncalled for. There is NO circumstance where this bahavior is acceptable. This girl will be knocking people off for money in a matter of 4 years if left go. She should be GONE!!!

  10. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I know of Shara through her husband and when I saw that she was linked to this news report on KSL I thought I would send a message.

    I wanted to start that I wasn’t at the game, but my niece plays for East as a goalie. I heard about the game after they played and heard about how harsh the Woods Cross team was. My sister even mentioned that she has never heard a team swear so much at the opposing team (woods cross) during the game where the parents on the sidelines could hear them. I’m not saying what Peti did was right and if it really was intentional to the other player. What I would like to see is prior to the player falling she was holding onto the Peti’s jersey, and then fell. She did this often throughout the game. What breaks my heart is to hear that the Wood Cross player was yelling racial comments to her along with using profanity that even makes me blush. What is sad is that this story has gone viral. It has landed on Yahoo, and I pray that Peti doesn’t read anything. Being a teenager and an adult now in my thirties, I was picked on bad, but it’s sad to see comments that she is a “thug”, “I bet she’s Mormon”, “she must have learned this from her parents”, “she should be arrested”, and msn someone saying "well it's because she's black (ummmm....she's not) to even calling her racial names and obscene names. This has turned into a bullying situation. Like I said at the beginning…..If this was intentional it was wrong, but the Wood Cross player should apologize as well for poor sportsmanship and bullying another player to the extent that she was offending her race.

    I hope you can look more into this and really get both sides….both sides are in the wrong here and I hope both of them can learn something from this. This can really be damaging to someone.

    I wanted to provide the link to Yahoo so that you can see how this has been reported.


    I hope that before anyone posts anything to really think what they are posting and consider what it can do emotionally for a teenage girl.

  11. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Two words....anger management. Life is going to be very difficult for her if she doesn't learn to cope well, on or off the field.

    By the way, driving is NOT anyone's right, it's a privilege.

  12. For all of those who are saying she should be suspended from sports or the coach should be fired, she is paying the consequences. It may not look like she's sorry, but Petiola Manu KNOWS what she did was wrong. However, does this really qualify her for a lifetime of hateful quotes and people who didn't know the whole story to judge her??
    Watch the whole game. It wasn't unprovoked. YES Petiola shouldn't have done it. YES it was dirty. YES No one should EVER have this happen. HOWEVER, she doesn't deserve the hate and loathing everyone has bottled up for her. It is being dealt with. So please, leave your comments for your family and leave her and East High alone.
    P.S. I am East High's Varsity Goal Keeper, and if you would like to direct your hate at me. That's fine. But do NOT make my team mate suffer something that SHOULD and WILL be dealt with locally. Thank you.

  13. Anonymous6:14 PM

    To use Alex Morgan's good name and an incident in the Olympics that was totally accidental and resulted in Morgan leaving the match injured in your title only goes to show how low you will stoop to gain a few web hits. Morgan is an incredible role model for girl soccer players, and perhaps if this girl had Morgan as a role model, then this incident might never have happened.

  14. Anonymous7:11 PM

    As a former high school athletic director, our stance would be to remove the player from all remaining games, including playoffs if the team reached that point. Unfortunately, unless it is specifically worded in a signed student-athlete handbook, most punishments stop at that level.

    On a side note to the above comment regarding the football team playing ineligible players, I suggest you research the entire story, as I did. The players in question (2 of whom were junior varsity), were left off of a roster due to a clerical error outside of the responsibility of the coaching staff and players. This is why more sever sanctions/punishments were not handed down by the section 6 principal committee.

  15. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I have been a coach with 44 varsity teams to my credit. She needs to pay the price for unsportsmanlike conduct. She gets cut from the team immediately. Turn in your uniform, sweats and whatever equipment she has. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. taking out your frustration by trying to intentionally injuring another athlete in competition should have a zero tolerance. -- Simple answer "Play better!"

  16. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Should ban her and take her outback them wood shed and give her a taste of her own medicine. someday some where somehow somebody will put this pathetic punk in her place.

  17. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Criminal assault charges are warranted.

  18. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I can't believe someone is trying to blame this on the victim. What a criminal loser. You committed the crime, now face the consequences. Apology not accepted.

  19. Anonymous10:28 PM

    why isn't it assault?

  20. As a high school coach, I wouldn't let her back on the field with her intent and use of such force as could have caused permanent injuries.


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