YES' Michael Kay: "Id rather number 2 than slobbering over a number one who doesn't realize u exist"

Yesterday, amazingly, "#ThingsBetterThanKay" was the #1 trend on Twitter. Number 1. (You can check it out here.) Michael got wind of it and wasn't pleased, tweeting: "Id rather number 2 than slobbering over a number one who doesn't realize u exist."

Does that mean he'd rather take a shit? Because he's not 'number 2' anywhere. Listeners, and soon viewers, are left dumber for having tuned in. And of course 'he who doesn't care' couldn't stop himself. Kay goes on, "u guys are like the girls who hang at the stage door screaming for New Edition. Hilariously pathetic,"

John Healy, online Sports Editor for @NYDNSports, responded with "Someone's upset..." Leading Kay to reply, "that's the only answer u guys have? That I'm upset? No reply to ur teenage lust over a talk show host. Sad."

Sounds like someone was very upset, no? That interaction spread:

Indeed. Here it's actually the personality who is arguing with the love struck kids of another personality. Much more mature.

Finally someone with 80 followers stood up for Kay and Michael sounded like a teenage girl whose honor had just been defended.

Phil Mushnick once summed up Kay thusly:

Michael Kay remains a victim of his own foolish devices, so much so that in his transparent eagerness to promote himself through signature calls, he attaches a “Kick Me” sign to his own back.

Before Sunday’s first pitch on YES, he coyly said, “I’m here with Al Leiter. Al, give me some details on [starter] Andy Pettitte.” As Leiter spoke, Pettite threw his first pitch.

Kay couldn’t let that go without his “Let’s do it!,” so he jumped Leiter — interrupted him — with, “Let’s do it, here in The Bronx!” Leiter then continued. Pathetic.

Brought to mind when Chris Berman was calling a game on ESPN. He forgot to give a long drive his tired “back, back, back” treatment. So, after the ball cleared the fence, he quickly said, “back, back, back!” — as if we hadn’t already seen it land.

And not the first time Michael made a foolish decision to interact with the wrong crew on Twitter...

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