The only way Craig Carton's BS Ryan Lochte sources could have existed...

...was if they had run out and followed the cab Ryan Lochte either did or didn't get in immediately after leaving the club.

How else, already proven a lie, would they have known about the Lochte crew being pulled over while in the cab? (Which we now pretty much know didn't happen either.)

Exactly. It was all fabricated. Should be fired immediately.

If you don't recall, Craig Carton told you the people of Rio did not let Ryan Lochte drive away. A lie.

Craig Carton told you Ryan Lochte was never at the gas station. A huge lie.

The last part of the fugazi story that remains open is whether or not female USA swimmers were hanging outside the seedy area and rushed in to remove Lochte and crew, put them in a cab (that, obviously, went to the gas station...), and then...what? Just went back to hanging on the corner?

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