Joe Benigno, Steve Somers, & Evan Roberts dissed deceased devoted caller Bruce in Bayside

Long time WFAN caller Bruce in Bayside passed away recently. And, as you'd expect, Joe Benigno came up small. Bruce Lidner called him as much as anyone and Joe (and Evan) did not mention it in the first hour.

Listened to parts of the rest of the show and didn't hear him say anything about Bruce in those segments or at the end of their show. This from the guy who, in 2012, called Bruce 'his favorite caller.'

Guess they actually could do it without you Bruce.

Luckily WFAN's greatest chronologist, Samspinchat, kept monitoring and grabbed Mike Francesa remembering Bruce.

Same thing with Steve Somers who was on about 45 minutes last night. He played another terrible production piece to start and didn't say anything about Bruce until the last five minutes when 2 callers talked about him. Blitz reader John Siciliano didn't see Somers' transgression being nearly as bad as Benigno's: "I was listening to Steve Somers on Wednesday night when he first got word and relayed the terrible news about Bruce from Bayside. He then took several calls about him soon after. He did remember him and it was heartfelt. That is how I found out about it. I love this site. Thank you."

Marc Malusis started his show overnight talking about Bruce. Good for him. That's the way it should have gone across the board.

Mike Francesa had Bruce in during WFAN's 25th Anniversary. Here's Francesa's interview with Lidner.

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