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Why the Covid death rate is so low

Why is the Coronavirus death rate so low?


 Another good reason to strive to keep Vitamin D levels around 50 nmol/L.

Of course Mike Francesa declared there would never be a Craig Carton documentary

Craig Carton mocked ESPN's MMD 30 for 30's disgraceful ratings as Chris Russo back in July of 2017. Mike Francesa got wind of it and...he mushed what only Mike Francesa could mush. He actually declared that there would never be a Craig Carton documentary. "He can talk when they do one on his life which they never will. Until then, 'Shut up.'" 

 No, really.


Yeah only Craig Carton would go through the process of an arrest, trial, and jail time in order to have Francesa get yet another thing wrong. 

Video: Troy Aikman on NFL military flyovers: Not if Biden & Kamala win

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck caught on hot mic referring to muting the military if Joe Biden wins.


Missing tape: Craig Carton meanders into Marc Malusis show at 3am on 6/16/17

Someone sent along the June 16, 2017 tape that we'd been seeking for a while -- Craig Carton wandering into Marc Malusis' show during the 3AM hour to give him some career advice and to mock Joe D. 

"Morning Show? I could get fired, I suppose..."

Before getting to mock 'banned from the Boomer & Carton Show' Joe D...



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