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Former Mets P Noah Syndergaard has gone full deep dive into biohacking for performance and recovery

There was a year when Thor, aka Noah Syndergaard, came back to the Mets having followed what we thought was an over the top (by a lot) bulking regimine. 17 pounds of muscle added. And shortly into May 2017 he had what was reported to be a torn right lat. FF to Marck of 2020 and he was undergoing Tommmy John surgery. 

So what is Thor doing now? A 100% deep dive into red light therapy, hyperbaric chambers, stem cells and more. He recently sat down with Ben Greenfield and it's an inciteful discussion of cutting edge recovery methods.

Andrew Huberman's tattoos revealed

andrew huberman tattoos
Dr. Andrew Huberman rarely shows off his tattoos. But Cameron Hanes recenly tasked the doctor with hauling a 70 pound stone up a mountain and that led to a shirts off Huberman and his mustelidae skull and ferret tattoos (above) being revealed to the world. 

20+ Years Ago a Chicago Bears Fan Leapt & Caught a Field Goal

During a Chicago Bears / Green Bay Packers Monday Night game in 1995, Bears fan Michael Pantazis jumped 15 feet from his seat and caught Kevin Butler’s extra point.

The greatest catch in the history of MNF.

Wonder what he's doing 20 years later? Wonder no more.

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Diet Coke Melting Football Players Commercial 1991 ft. Boomer Esiason

Diet Coke Melting Football Players Commercial 1991 featuring Boomer Esiason and more.