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Joe Rogan didn't know the last round of ridiculous Covid stimulus checks went to everybody

 Dan Crenshaw has a problem with the moronic send everyone a stimulus check in the last China Flu bill. Joe Rogan? He thought they only went to the unemployed. 


Joe's over the top moronic response that he didn't know about the checks is reminiscent of the politician running for office who doesn't know the price of eggs, milk, or gas. Ridiculous.

And stop with Spotify commercial at the end of every friggin' clip.

Andrew Zimmern and 'Bizarre Foods' created the 'Stinky Fish Challenge'

Bizarre Foods Season 8 Episode 7 - Stolkholm - aired August 2, 2016. Included in this episode was Andrew smelling and eating Surstr√∂mming. Surstr√∂mming is salted fermented Baltic Sea herring. 

You know it today as...the Stinky Fish Challenge.


Moronic MLB stands for fraudulent elections as it moves All Star Game to protest Georgia safeguards

The idiots of Major League Baseball, the same assholes who brought you a runner on 2nd to start extras and strike zone boxes ruining television, are moving the no one watches anyway 2021 All Star Game to protest Georgia standing for election integrity. 

ATLANTA – In response to the MLB's decision to relocate the All-Star Game and MLB Draft from Atlanta, Greater Georgia Chairwoman Kelly Loeffler released the following statement: "It’s extremely unfortunate that the MLB has fallen into the woke, misinformation campaign being spread by Democrats – only to the detriment of hardworking Georgians and small businesses.   
At a time when the MLB had the opportunity to honor an iconic trailblazer in Hank Aaron, they instead opted to honor politics," Kelly Loeffler said.   
"Greater Georgia will continue to stand with the vast majority of Georgians who support the Election Integrity Act that expands access and strengthens the integrity of our elections."


Unsurprisingly, liberal groups and many in the mainstream media began perpetuating a disinformation campaign, claiming Georgians were committing "voter suppression" for simply securing and strengthening our elections process. In fact, the new law actually expands voting access while restoring voter confidence in the system. 

 To combat the left's false claims, Greater Georgia released a graphic debunking several of the biggest myths surrounding this new legislation, and we encourage everyone to read and share it to spread the truth about secure elections.

Visit President Donald Trump's website for uncancellable updates.

Advice for the marionettists running obviously sick Joe Biden

Do not watch this. 


'Doctor' Biden - this is your fault.


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