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Psychiatrist answers Coronavirus COVID-19 questions from First Responders

Psychiatrist answers Coronavirus COVID-19 questions from First Responders -- Challenges, Relationships, Work stress. Topics include alcohol use, shift work, sleep problems, maintaining camaraderie while social distancing and relationship issues.

He also put together 'Sleep, Play, Love: First responder | Mind-health survival guide (Beta)' available right here right now.

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Our noise problem with Dominos Pizza East Windsor, NJ takes a 2nd step

We told you last week that Domino's Pizza in East Windsor NJ at 104 Hickory Corner Rd is a constant source of resident rattling noise pollution. John Crudele of the NY Post was told by Domino's Inc. that they couldn't direct an independently owned store to do anything so bear that in mind when you think about how much you can trust them.

Then Mr. Crudele contacted East Windsor Mayor Janice Mironov. She responded, "Have brought to staff attention to look into. Stay safe and well."

Summing up: February 3, 2019 Super Bowl LIII Sunday we told Domino's Pizza on 104 Hickory Corner in East Windsor about their fan. An employee said to another, "Why don't they just fix that RIGHT already?" We later learn that another neighbor had complained to East Windsor Township prior, told it was a new fan and they were directing it, and had his noise lower...

We followed up with a note to corporate which resulted in the owner's rep calling us saying it'd be fixed in 3 days. A 2nd neighbor visited to complain on Monday 2/4/19. The noise got better (i.e. it was no longer shaking the house) but amazingly it was still audible at all 300+ feet away.

Over the next year or so the fan was inspected (we have a great bunch of employees in EW) and the Mercer County Health Dept. called. All reports came back 'no unusual noise detected.' The noise levels waxed and waned. But then we learned another neighbor had complained and that at least two of us had complained again somewhere around the week of 3/9/2020. The new neighbor is even further, roughly 350 feet away. How could 4 independent neighbors have a problem with Domino's in East Windsor yet no inspection hears what we're all hearing much further away?

This was last week. It's worse today.

08520's Domino's Pizza has Moe's right behind it acting as a sound barrier and focuser. In order to really make this right they need to erect a sound barrier to the South of the fan. Let's see if they do the right thing.

And with Mayor Mironov on the case - we hope they do. (She's been extremely helpful in the past.)

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July 4th 1985 Mets vs Braves 19 inning game (full)

epaddon writes, "Here is the rare WOR Mets broadcast version of the infamous 19 inning July 4th marathon game from 1985 as presented in an edited replay on MSG in the early 2000s.

This is to my knowledge the only time the Mets broadcast version of this game has ever been replayed (all other replays over the years have been the TBS version).

You get to hear how Ralph Kiner called Rick Camp's improbable game tying home run in the Bottom of the 18th! Tim McCarver and Steve Zabriskie also on the call.

A lot of it is of course edited out but it's still great to have some of this version."

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Incredible President Donald Trump delivers remarks as USNS Comfort embarks for NY

The incredible USNS Comfort is embarking for NY but not before President Donald Trump delivered an incredible Saturday speech.

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