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Joe Buck plus the Yankees & Astros radio calls of José Altuve's 2019 ALCS series-ending Home Run

Yankees dolt John Sterling & Astros radio PBP voice Robert Ford call of José Altuve's 2-run walk-off home run off of Yankees reliever Aroldis Chapman, 10/19/19, to send Houston to the 2019 World Series.

Joe Buck plus Bobby Ford's call synced to video...

Just another paper tiger Yankees season.

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'Joker' Mocks Liberal Ruined Cities

The Joker also mocks liberal ruined cities.

Interestingly Boomer Esiason's Pseudobulbar affect is the subject of the new (and great) Joker and the whole chaos theme is mocking the Democratic idiots running for the Presidential candidate spot.

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Jim Cramer 'likes the guys behind Beyond Meat so much...'

Jim Cramer on 'Beyond Meat' 10/19/19, "I like the guys behind Beyond so much..."

Jim Cramer on Beyond Meat, 6/8/19: "Anyone who reads the Beyond Meat label knows this is not pure. There are a lot of chemicals. One of the reasons I worry about Beyond Meat is I read the label and the label is filled with things Millennials typically don't want and Gen Z's typically don't want so, at a certain point, it's gonna run out..."

Oh, but he 'likes the guys so much...'

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Dallas buzzes as Trump kills the hateful & enraged do nothing Democrats

Donald Trump told Texas supporters at a rally in Dallas that next year's election puts "the survival of American democracy itself" at stake. American Airlines arena? Reached its 21,000 capacity. (Nearby, failing Beto O'Rourke had less than 5K at his 'dueling' rally.)

Keeping America Great all by himself while the do nothing Dems in Congress chase tails...

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