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Donald Trump rally in Georgia 9/26/2021

Donald Trump holds huge rally in Georgia and YouTube has again removed it. What are you afraid of? Here's a 2nd copy but it doesn't finish the entire speech.


Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, & Bill De Blasio indoors & maskless until the photo op video

This piece of garbage 'current' NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio was calling for you to wear two masks just a few weeks ago. Here he is with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry indoors and shoulder to shoulder...with no masks. That is until they're to pose for a picture.


Kudos right now on the close to 30,000 Department of Education employees calling the bluff on the vaccine mandate. Stay Strong. Take your year off or take your retirement package.

All the while these prototype Covid vaccines are causing variations to a disease we could have managed... you've been brainwashed via situational design.

Situational Design

Step one: Train the people only to consume. 
Step two: Infiltrate adults with the news. 
Step three: Indoctrinate the children through the schools and the music and the apps on the phones that they use. 
Step four: Separate the right from the left. 
Step five: Separate the white from the black. 
Step six: Separate the rich from the poor (use religion and equality to separate 'em more). 
Step seven: Fabricate a problem made of lies... 
Step eight: Put it on the news every night. 
Step nine: When people start to fight and divide -- take control, this is called situational design.


All the while these prototype Covid vaccines are causing variations to a disease we could have managed... you've been brainwashed. 

Full song:


Joe Rogan threatens CNN over Ivermectin horse dewormer lies.

Mets & Yankees fans chant 'F Joe Biden' leaving 2021 Subway Series game at Citi Field

New York, NY (not California, Oregon, etc.) -- Mets and Yankees fans chant 'Fuck Joe Biden' leaving the Sunday September 12, 2021 game at Citi Field. 

Decrepit Joe Biden's soon to lose in court fascist vaccine mandates have turned the country, red and blue, into a modern day Whiskey Rebellion. To learn more about Biden's unlawful Covid mandates (which has nurses, doctors, bus drivers and more quitting all across the country) visit America First Legal (and donate) as they mount legal challenges to this in the pocket of big pharma swamp of an administration.

Fans also let ESPN's awful crew know how they felt.

Here's more. Evander Holyfield v Vitor Belfort.

Joe just doesn't get it.

All across college football.

And yesterday a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge.


Covid vaccines don't stay in the shoulder as once thought...and they create cytotoxic spike proteins.