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Cocaine Bear

 Cocaine Bear...the hero we all need right now.

Rest in peace, Ray Liotta.

Does Jenna Ortega ever blink as Wednesday Addams on the hit Netflix show?

wednesday addams netflix blink jenna ortega

A) Why yes, Jenna Ortega does blink on the hit Netflix show Wednesday.

Fans of the hit Netflix show Wednesday have noted the incredible control of the wonderful Jenna Ortega (above) as Wednesday Addams - she seemingly doesn't blink!

Ah, but she did. Once.

Ah ha!

So, why doesn't Ortega blink much? Tim Burton...

If you haven't started binge watching so now. You won't be able to keep your eyes off of Jenna Ortega's eyes...

wednesday adams netflix blink

Did Weird Al ever date Madonna?

Q. Did Weird Al Yankovic ever date Madonna? 

A. No -- Madonna and Weird Al may not have even ever met each other...