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Donald Trump receives standing ovation at UFC 302

 Newark, NJ - Donald Trump receives standing ovation at UFC 302.


Babe, Who's Domino's Pizza in your contacts???

Why the hell is Domino's Pizzeria texting you at 3am?

Gracie iMessage: I want you daddy...

Gracie: Daddy I want you. 
I think you have the wrong person. 
This is Ken from Math class...

Former Mets P Noah Syndergaard has gone full deep dive into biohacking for performance and recovery

There was a year when Thor, aka Noah Syndergaard, came back to the Mets having followed what we thought was an over the top (by a lot) bulking regimine. 17 pounds of muscle added. And shortly into May 2017 he had what was reported to be a torn right lat. FF to Marck of 2020 and he was undergoing Tommmy John surgery. 

So what is Thor doing now? A 100% deep dive into red light therapy, hyperbaric chambers, stem cells and more. He recently sat down with Ben Greenfield and it's an inciteful discussion of cutting edge recovery methods.