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Craig Carton Rise & Fall movie has a trailer

The film Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth will look in detail at the rise and fall of radio icon Craig Carton and will hit HBO Wednesday October 7, 2020 at 9PM. And now it has a trailer...


 Meh. The question still is -- Did Boomer Esiason pay back the gambling money Craig Carton won for him and will he continue to mock the addiction?

Donald Trump says yes to Joe Rogan moderated debate while Joe Biden remains hiding

We've been advising Donald Trump to go on with Joe Rogan for weeks. The other day Rogan offered to moderate a 4 hour debate and the President immediately said, 'OK!' Joe Biden, not sure where he is hiding.


Joe Rogan got a new FN 509 Compact...aimed it right at his guest

So Joe Rogan is now in Texas. Today Tim Kennedy gifted him a FN 509 Compact. Watch Tim carefully keep the gun pointed behind everyone and recipient Rogan point it right at Kennedy...


 RIGHT at him.
Experienced hunter to boot.

Shocking Covid death rate numbers released by CDC

Shocking updated Coronavirus death rate numbers have been released by CDC. The cardiovascular disease, AKA the China Virus, stats are astonishing.

If you've driven in a car at any time the past 2 months and you die of any cause we're just gonna put down accident...

Now, are you curious how social distancing at 6 feet was set?

Single car driver mask wearing idiot.


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