Did Boomer Esiason pay back the gambling money Craig Carton won for him?

Boomer Esiason at the Borgota (Craig Carton rear behind his right shoulder)

It was widely reported this past weekend that Boomer Esiason was one of the folks who wrote a letter of support as Craig Carton heads into sentencing next week (letter is below). The interesting line is where Esiason states, "Never once did he [Craig] ever ask me for anything or put me in harm's way. And for that, I'm grateful. While the morning show at WFAN has succeeded in putting this behind us, it will take me some time to truly forgive Craig for putting his family in such peril."

Let's flashback to 2014. Recall shows leading into a Borgota visit. Craig said to Esiason something to the tune of, "You give me $10,000 and I'll turn it into $25,000. I'll even guarantee the $10K (ie, he'd get him $10,000 back if he didn't win the $25K)."

Now gambling addiction has always been a chronic illness Boomer Esiason had no problem mocking. Hell, a year later Al Dukes was still tweeting lines like, "For those asking, yes, Craig doubled my money #Blackjack." If Boomer will need some more time to 'truly forgive Craig' -- one has to wonder if he returned his $15,000 profit to Carton while that healing process continues to unfold...

And the morning show at WFAN has succeeded in putting this behind them? Really?

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