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Joe Rogan misses his mouth with his cigar

 Joe Rogan completely drops his cigar.

Could have been worse...

Boomer Esiason thinks something is coming down the 'pipe'...

 Relatively soon something is coming down the pipe - Boomer Esiason.

Let's face it, some people have a way with words other people, uh...ohh not have way.

President Donald Trump Full Speech at Rally in Dalton, GA 1/4/21 includes Fake YouTube 'fact' on 2020 Election

 President Donald Trump held a huge rally in Dalton Georgia last night, January 04, 2021.

Note the NOT TRUE Election 2020 'fact' under the video YouTube has posted.

Only one problem Google - the Electoral College HAS NOT confirmed anyone as president-elect.

The Annenberg Family whose 'projects' include have ties to Fauci, Gates, & Soros according to JP Spears


Interesting how almost always includes words like 'baseless claims' when it comes to Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, etc. Also interesting how Leonore Annenberg appears in the photo above with the aforementioned too old should retire Fauci, Bill Gates, Sr., George Soros and more. 

Almost as interesting as the millions of dollars the Gates 'Foundation' has donated to Annenberg family programs.

Oh, and JP Spears just spelled it all out.


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