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The supplements we used healing our dog's ACL CCL tear without surgery

We hit day 61 today post CCL tear in our 11 year old dog Zero. Not mentioned in day 60's synopsis in How we tried to heal our 11 year old dog's torn CCL without surgery part 5 was one observation - Zero sat on her own while looking out the front door. She'd sat on her own when she was getting a treat but that was a first - sitting on her own as opposed to standing or simply laying down.

Today we did a 10 minute walk and several 5 minute walks. The walks were on inclines when possible with the right leg on the down slope so it'd be forced into working. ROM is going to continue so we'll stop writing that. Icing, if possible, is done after exercises for 15 minutes up to 2x per day. Heat is added first thing in the a.m. when possible and 30+ minutes after icing when possible. (I.E. not doing true hot cold contrast therapy. Instead cooling a warmed up leg and...warming a cooled down leg for looseness, etc.) We'll stop writing this aspect up too. Today we did 10 sit stands ending with a 'down' to treat her. We did this twice. Notice her weight in past posts. We've kept her thin. It is a must. We won't write this up anymore either.

We've gone through many supplements in the 61 days and we've decided on a few to stick with. It's more a gut feel than anything else except for the HA liquid which she hated. We could put the glucosamine sulfate in a teaspoon and she'd eat it. The HA? Put her nose down. Was the proof that was what she was fully ignoring in her food so we cut it though it had initially been planned to be in the 'gut' list.

So what are we keeping her on?

  • 2mg CBD oil at bedtime.
  • Glucosamine Sulfate approximately 1050mg (approximately 20mg per pound of bodyweight)
  • Eggshell Membrane collagen in Doctor Mercola's joint formula
  • Myristin - Myristin supplies 500 mg Cetyl Myristoleate Complex, the evening dose of Glucosamine Sulfate to total above, 250mg MSM, 150mg Vitamin C, Manganese Citrate 10mg, Curcumin 6mg

Why? None of this would be possible without the CBD oil from Endoca. 15mg would be the max on a dog of 60 pounds and here, a highly conditioned GSD used to running to exhaustion is now being asked to sleep at night during 8 weeks of doing nothing. And she's done it. With a scant 2mg. This would be the number one supplement we'd never not use.

The Glucosamine Sulfate. It's the gold standard. There's conflicting reports, yes,'s just going to be there. And there are enough reports to make it worth it when a fine company like Source Naturals makes one that provides 750mg in 1/8th of a teaspoon. (The chondroitin would have stayed if we hadn't found some other items to add. First off, the eggshell membrane...)

The eggshell membrane info we found last week made it a no brainer. The small studies showing that eggshell membrane signi´Čücantly reduced pain both rapidly (seven days) and continuously (30 days) in joint and connective tissue disorders (exactly what you've got if you've got a canine with CCL disease!) is the most spot on supplement to date, perhaps. And it's an eggshell membrane. That's it. And that membrane is comprised of more than 80% collagen and includes naturally occurring glucosamine, HA, chondroitin and calcium. Combined with the vitamin c - it would be right up there with the CBD oil just based on the ingredients in it sans any of these other studies.

Myristin is kept here for several reasons. A) She loves it. B) The Glucosamine means no 2nd dose of powder with her evening meal yet she's getting a 2nd booster dose of the Glucosamine. C) Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO etc) is starting to show up in the joint supplements of other quality companies and D) Vitamin C, manganese, and a bit of MSM to boot in one pill is a winner.

1 other supplement that we might go back and forth with is Vet's Best Seasonal Allergy Relief. The latter for its well priced MSM, Quercitin, and additional vitamin C and the former for the collagen, eggshell membrane (See??) and CMO. Plus, she loved both supplements.

Here is the final installment of healing our dog's ACL CCL disease without surgery.

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