FAIL: NYDN's Bob Raissman stuttered & stammered over this Craig Carton report

Retired Judge Anthony Mellaci joined Justine 'fines as well or just jail time' Ward and Bob Raissman on SNY's Daily News Live to succinctly discuss WFAN personality Craig Carton's arrest for being involved with ticket fraud.

And then Raissman stuttered and took deep breaths after every 3rd word talking about the effect it might have on WFAN.

This guy, Raissman, can't speak but he critiques those on the radio? Amazing.

And why Carton once proclaimed, "Bob Raissman had the single worst tryout in the history of this radio station. He failed miserably trying to be a talk show host...sits on a TV show and then is a critic of other tv shows...and curries favor with those he works with and for...." Carton continued, "Manish Mehta invents stuff."

"Raissman is a joke. During the writer's strike back in the day he was the first one to walk across the picket line and keep writing. He had the failed tryout here to be a talk show host so he has an agenda against WFAN. And number three -- he was one who said Norman & Carton are never going to make it...then you make it now what's he going to do? We robbed him of his power."

Concluding with, "Mike Lupica is a bad guy. Douchey."

Here's the video of the scab attack.

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