It was a terrible first day back at WFAN for FDNY berating Gregg Giannotti

We got a lot of email this morning. "We miss Craigy." or "Wonder how Craig would have run this morning's show." were typical. It was a tough first day for what should typically be a light hearted comedic morning show. Boomer Esiason trying to tip toe both sides of the kneeling bullship was an epic fail culminating with Esiason stating that 200 of 1696 NFL players disrespecting the flag was 'almost 100%' (it's 12).

But Gregg Giannotti? Cringeworthy 'Greggy' dismissed a respectful firefighter, Anthony from Staten Island, who said he wasn't going to watch the NFL anymore with a Francesa like 'Oh yeah, right!' (despite many (many) folks tuning out in droves). And then...screamed.

And the show was turned off for the day.

Fake rants are all the sports talk show rage. This was one of the worst. So stupid and unnecessary. So better than this...

Better luck tomorrow. (And prop that chair up a few inches, jeeze.)

*Update - just went and watched the close of today's program. GG says of the rough day, "Giannotti's ripping cops..." So that says, even more so, he wasn't paying attention. Just looked to yell.

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