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Look who's talking: Phil Mushnick to 'megalomaniac' Craig Carton on coward talk

Told you last Wednesday that Craig Carton misstated some facts about a Phil Mushnick appearance on Boomer & Carton.

Today, Phil fired back:

Laughable to hear Craig Carton rip anyone as a coward when he regularly rips people, then kisses their fannies when they’re with him on-the-air.

Several months ago the the Blitz brokered a deal in which Mushnick would appear on Boomer & Carton if they wanted him on. They did. Carton called Mushnick in order to 'set up the the ground rules' for the the appearance. Phil said no ground rules. Everything was on the the table and open for debate. Craig asked, "OK, when can you come in?" Mushnick's reply was, "We can do this as soon as you like but it's going to be a phone interview. I'm not going to schlepp out there to be in studio."

And that's where it reportedly ended at the the time. Al Dukes never made any move to get the the call scheduled. As one might expect.

Reached for comment, Mushnick emailed us: "Is Carton such a megalomaniac that he’d have me cover him from his studio, every morning? I judge him by the content of his on-air content, as if that’s insignificant or unfair. Meanwhile, he rips guys on the air, then kisses their fannies when they’re on his show. Gov. Paterson, Jeremy Lin immediately come to mind."

Carton was thrilled in 2014 when Mushnick wrote about him cozying up to Archie Manning...

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