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The Jewish Baseball Museum is now Online



It was a Jew, Lipman Pike, who was one of baseball's first big stars in the 1800s. It was a Jew, Pirates owner Barney Dreyfus, who was instrumental in creating the first World Series. It was a Jew, Hank Greenberg, who became a symbol of pride for his people with his bat and then as a soldier, becoming the first Major Leaguer to enlist in World War II. It was a pair of Jews, Al Schacht and Max Patkin, who carried on the Jewish heritage of humor by entertaining millions as the "Clown Princes of Baseball." It was a Jew, Sandy Koufax, who quite simply was the greatest pitcher of all time. It was a Jew, Bud Selig, who became the longest serving commissioner, changing the course of the game. Indeed, the impact of Jews in baseball is immense.

This spring, noted baseball collector Jeff Aeder and eminent sports journalist Ed Sherman (Chicago Tribune and The Sherman Report) are proud to announce that those stories and more will be told on their new website: is a vast and comprehensive site, featuring biographies, stories, anecdotes, images, videos, and thousands of baseball cards for every Jewish player. The site exhibits quality content and lot of it.

Among the highlights:
  • A video interview with Bud Selig, who shares numerous compelling stories and insights about Jews in baseball
  • An online museum featuring artifacts from Jeff Aeder’s collection, which includes a game-worn Sandy Koufax jersey and Hank Greenberg game-used bat and hat
  • A timeline that documents the stars and big moments for Jews in the game through the various eras
  • Exclusive stories and interviews by JBM writers, including a piece on Mike "Super Jew" Epstein by Hillel Kuttler
  • Biographies and stats for every Jewish player in the big leagues, whether they played 1 game or 15 years. This section also includes baseball cards for those players
  • A collection of videos that highlights the top games and plays of the great players and showcases how the unique Jewish sense of humor has provided some of the game's funniest moments
  • Noted author and Jewish baseball expert Dan Epstein has devised a trivia quiz to test your knowledge of Jews in baseball.

And there's so much more.

Baseball fans will be entertained and educated by the site as new exclusive content is posted throughout the year. They also have a section asking fans to submit their favorite stories relating to Jews and baseball.

Building has been Jeff Aeder’s personal mission and passion. While he is still pursing plans to build an actual brick and mortar Jewish Baseball Museum in Chicago, this new website will allow fans from Cooperstown to Jerusalem to learn about the compelling history of Jews in baseball. And it will feature updated reports with the history that continues to be made by Jews in the game today.

About the Contributors

Jeff Aeder (Founder) co-founded JDI Realty LLC, a Chicago real estate investment company, in 1988. In 2013, Jeff and Jennifer Levine, his wife, co-founded the Wolcott School, Chicago's first and only College Prep High School for Students that learn differently. Also in 2013, he opened up Milt’s BBQ for the Perplexed a Kosher Restaurant where 100% of the restaurant’s profits go to local charities. His love of baseball, Jewish heritage and a need to create led him to open the online Jewish Baseball Museum in April of 2016.  Baseball was a huge part of Jeff’s childhood and his family life. And as Jews who loved baseball, they rooted hard for the Jews who played baseball. His fascination went beyond statistics and championships. He loved the personal stories of the players: Moe Berg, the World War II spy; Hank Greenberg, who stood up for Jackie Robinson; Ron Blomberg, the first designated hitter. In baseball, he treasures the pride, the excitement, the tradition, the heroism, the imagination, and the comfort. In his Jewish identity, he treasures the same. Through this online museum site—its stories and its artifacts—he hopes we all will share that experience and think about our own connections. Jeff is married with four rockin’ teenagers.

Ed Sherman (Managing Editor) is an award-winning journalist who began his career at the Chicago Tribune in 1981 and remained there for 27 years in a full-time capacity. In 2012, he launched a national website on sports media called In 2014, Sherman rejoined the Chicago Tribune as a contributor with a column on sports media. He also writes a column on sports journalism for, and serves as a co-host of a Saturday morning golf show on WSCR-AM in Chicago. Sherman has served as an adjunct professor for journalism at Northwestern and DePaul and is the author of three books, including his latest: Babe Ruth’s Called Shot.

Check out the Jewish Baseball Museum online right here right now.

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