Mike & Mad Dog ’30 For 30′ Documentary Out in February

mike francesa

“30 for 30” documentary on Mike & the Mad Dog to air in February 2017

Hourlong docu will discuss the impact the duo had on sports media & shady advertising in America

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NEW YORK, NY — Mike Francesa said he and his former WFAN partner, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, will be filmed for segments this weekend, as Russo had nothing better to do and Francesa's weight makes outdoor activities difficult during the hot summer months.

mike francesa

“We’re looking forward to it,” Francesa said. “And it’s a documentary that’ll be there forever, so it’s kind of nice.” Just like the Funtime pictures that chronicle the duo's careers. Or, at the very least, Francesa's.

mike francesa

Francesa and Russo worked together for 19 years on WFAN before their show crashed and burned in 2008. Francesa still hosts a show on weekday afternoons on WFAN. It is sadly no longer simulcast anywhere. Russo now has his own channel on Sirius XM that no one really bothers with.

Meanwhile, Mike & the Mad Dog are one of four nominees in the Hall’s Spoken Word On-Air Personality category. Other nominees are Diane Rehm, Michael Savage and Sean Hannity. The highest vote-getter will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Public voting began Monday and runs through June 30. Francesa and WFAN have launched a desperate and pathetic get out the vote Blitz.

mike francesa wfan

“Obviously, it would be a great honor,” Francesa. “You guys, all of you out there, are the reason why we have been doing this as long as we have, why we’ve had the careers that we’ve had, why we’ve had the success we have, we’re very appreciative for the support.” Hopefully you mongos out there can vote early and often as you have nothing better to do this summer.

mike francesa wfan

And if it doesn't include the Jew bashing forced deletion of the Loyalty Oath tapes...weak.

*Update -- The “30 for 30” documentary on Mike & the Mad Dog that was suppose to air in February will now premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival April 21, 2017.

**Update - Mike & the Mad Dog 30 for 30 includes Francesa & Russo asking American Jews to take Loyalty Oaths.

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