Absurd: Eddie Scozzare named 49 of 50 Super Bowl winners AND losers

eddie scozzare

Edison, NJ's 49-year-old button pushing, tape deleting Eddie Scozzare, veteran producer and board op for WFAN's morning show with Boomer and Carton, took on an absurd challenge this morning from Carlton: Name the losers in all 50 Super Bowls. He'd even give him the winning teams.

Edward instead started rattling them off. 1-10. 15. 20. 30. 40. 45...46...and then, noting B&C had again run over the 10am cut (and grown weary of call screener Al Dukes' cackling) - Eddie rushed and screwed up.

Stupid! (And he's easily 50-50 if he had taken the winners.) Even better than his work here.

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