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Leonardo DiCaprio is as dumb as a bag of rocks

Here’s the latest greenie hypocrisy: Leonardo DiCaprio plans to give a climate-change speech on July 20 to hundreds of his Hollywood best buds.

But the actor’s speech will be in ritzy St. Tropez, even though many guests will be coming from California.
That means they’ll have to travel some 12,000 miles to hear it.

And get this: According to the Daily Mail, every guest who takes a private jet will produce 86 tons of CO2.
Commercial jet users will be responsible for seven tons of CO2 each.

Huh? Why not give the speech in Los Angeles, sparing guests the long trip — and all the carbon emissions they’ll generate?

Answer: Because these “greenie” A-Listers aren’t about to let creating a big carbon footprint stand in the way of a fancy St. Tropez shindig.

There’s more hypocrisy where that came from. The Democrats’ convention platform now urges the feds to probe fossil-fuel companies that may have “misled” shareholders and the public on “the scientific reality of climate change.” Harass companies, that is, that question the official line.

Like DiCaprio’s bash, this won’t lower global temperatures. But it will score points with radical greenies, even if it trashes companies’ First Amendment rights to their own opinions on the subject.
So forget hurricanes, rising seas or other disasters.

The greater danger from climate change might be the rank hypocrisy and arrogance of the greenies themselves.

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