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Woman Suffered 3rd-Degree Burns...From Pennies Left In Hot Car

Melissa Sechrist, 48, of Moore, Oklahoma received third degree burns...from pennies left in her hot car.

See...now if she had only heard the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore's warning...

“Excruciating pain. It was just horrible pain I've never felt before in my life,” she said.

“The pennies were right here, I lifted my cup and they fell onto my seat like in here and that's where when I got in I stuck my leg over there and they got in my leg,” Sechrist said leaning into her Ford Explorer and pointing at the cup holder where the coins had sit before.

It happened last Wednesday, but Sechrist thought icing it would solve the problem until the burns started to blister. She finally went to a hospital on Sunday. When she did, doctors were shocked.

“The doctor actually when she came in and lifted my shorts up,” Sechrist said mimicking the doctor by leaving her mouth agape and bulging her eyes. “Her eyes got real big and she kind of jumped back. She'd never seen anything like it!”

Sechrist was told the copper coins had left her with third-degree burns on the back of her thigh. Third-degree is the most severe on the medical scale, capable of melting skin damaging nerves and even potentially hurting the underlying muscle.

She said she had been given antibiotics to avoid an infection. Her wounds, which have started heal but still have a yellow tint inside red circles, are also being treated by a cream, Sechrist said she was also given medication to help mitigate any pain.

“Everybody needs to watch for coins on their seats because it does burn. I would hate to see a child with these kind of burns on their legs,” she said.

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