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John Sterling really is some kind of jerkoff

Phil Mushnick summarizes:

If consistency is the mark of greatness, John Sterling’s consistency as a career shill with selective eyesight is his mark of grate-ness.

On Saturday, calling Yanks at Rays, the 27-year Voice of the New York Yankees was quick to note that the ballpark was loaded with empty seats.

Given seven seasons to notice and speak the same of new Yankee Stadium, not a word. He has, however, seen and reported many “packed houses” and “near-sellouts” in the new Stadium, when it’s clear, from the rows of empty seats just below him, that he’s not even close to reporting the truth.

As for the Yanks, poor Andrew Miller was a goner the moment Mike “Lost Tapes” Francesa firmly, authoritatively declared — as if he actually knew! — that the Yanks “will not trade him.”

Same moron who asked, during a monsoon, "Is it raining?"

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