WFAN co-workers fear for Craig Carton's health | Bob's Blitz

WFAN co-workers fear for Craig Carton's health

2 WFAN employees have emailed us over the past month worried about the eating habits of one Craig Carton.

"He starts days with insulin pushing sugary drinks. It isn't good."

"We've tried to get him to stop the binge eating but he won't. Think you can pop a couple of pills and that magically fixes everything? It doesn't and we fear for him."

Here's Craig this morning.

Look bad? Ah, we're not too worried about him. Take a look at this photo. This is taken 3 years ago. That guy looks exactly as he does today. So, there's no cause for concern, eh?

*Update - Craig Carton promises a meatless October in last ditch effort to get well.

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