So Noah Syndergaard doesn't have a bone spur, Kristie Ackert? | Bob's Blitz

So Noah Syndergaard doesn't have a bone spur, Kristie Ackert?

4 months ago the Daily News' Kristie Ackert reported that "three Mets sources told The News that Noah Syndergaard was dealing with [bone spurs]" adding, "which also was later confirmed by the team."

“I do not, no. My arm feels great,” Noah said at the time. “No, there is nothing structurally wrong with (the elbow), wear and tear will do it to you. My arm feels really good. I just have to get ready to go in five days.” Leading Ackert to write, "The conflicting accounts appear to be a matter of semantics as Syndergaard’s description of “wear and tear” could actually be the bone spurs described by The News sources."

Wear and tear could be bone spurs? Alright then.

Doctors have told the Mets there is no danger to Syndergaard continuing to pitch, one source said, as long as he feels okay. They have told Matz the same thing.

While both Syndergaard and Matz will likely need surgery eventually to remove the growths from their elbows, they would both like to try to manage the discomfort and hold off surgery until the end of the season.

Apparently the Daily News just makes stuff up. Either that or Noah used some good ACV and dissolved those suckers himself. Jeff Todd proclaims: No Plans For Noah Syndergaard To Undergo Offseason Surgery

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