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Japanese phenom Shohei Otani hits baseball THROUGH Tokyo Dome

During a Sunday exhibition game, hitter and pitcher Shohei 'Babe Ruth' Otani smashed a ball through a 2-foot gap in the Tokyo Dome...and was awarded a double for the feat. (He's right up there with this candle nailing phenom kid, no doubt.)

So, who you got? Shohei or Titus Ashby?

Reports from the game have started to filter in.

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Japan won Sunday’s game 12-10 to improve to 3-1 in the four-game series that included two games against Mexico and is a tune-up for next year’s World Baseball Classic.

Otani is not expected to come to MLB until next offseason, when a scout told The New York Post he “might get a $300 million deal.”

“I actually think the guy might get a $300 million deal,” said a scout who has had multiple looks at the righty pitcher/lefty hitter. “That is how special a talent he is. He has power No. 1 starter stuff. He is throwing 99 [mph] in the eighth inning. His secondary stuff is unhittable. He is big and loose. His fastball is electric and his curve, cutter and split are all 70s [on the 20-80 scouting scale].

“And I think he is getting better as a hitter. I think an American hitting coach teaches him to turn on the ball more and he can be a 45-homer guy. He has Darryl Strawberry power. He is the face of a franchise. He is a big, handsome guy and when he plays baseball you cannot take your eyes off of him.”

Otani is 6-foot-4, began pitching professionally when he was 18 and this past season went 10-4 with a 1.86 ERA, 11.2 strikeouts per nine innings and — oh yeah — he hit 22 homers with a 1.004 OPS in 382 plate appearances. By the way, he does not turn 23 until July.

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