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Stone Sovryn slaughtered Twitter's ironic banning of Tia Tequila

Tila Tequila attended a conference of “alt-right” white nationalists (Tia is white?) in Washington, D.C. and thought it a good idea to Tweet a pic of herself performing a sieg heil salute.

Twitter suspended her.

Writer Stone Sovryn eviscerated Twitter as it bled out in irony.

So Tila Tequila hangs out with 300 or so white Nationalists, throws out a 'Nazi' salute in the process, and people lose their danged minds because the political philosophy she alluded to supporting murdered 12 million or so people; heck, they even celebrated the censorship embraced by Twitter, which is odd in a supposedly free society.

Meanwhile tens of millions very publicly support a cat whose political stance - socialism - slaughtered well over 100 MILLION people (and shifted the balance of power in the entire Democrat party) and no one said 'boo' about it?

No media hypocrisy here, folks... move along.

Meanwhile, Tila has signed up for and is actively posting on, a new, anti-Twitter social network which embraces free speech and is growing like wildfire. Seems like she is doing okay; Twitter, on the other hand, is drowning in its own tyranny, with stock value being lost every day.

But that's none of business...

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