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Craig Carton screwed up about the first time he & Mike Francesa spoke in 'Loudmouth'

Closing of Mike & The Mad Dog with Craig Carton on WWWE - Francesa closes with, "Keep up the good work." Circa 1993. First known conversation between Craig Carton & Mike Francesa.

Clip above on 3WE was from 1993. So Francesa and Carton spoke in 1993. Makes the following from page 245 of Craig Carton's book Loudmouth all the more fugazi:

I didn't like Mike. Mike didn't like me. Years earlier when I was hosting the WNEW Sports Guys morning show [2000-2001], I made a point of attacking whatever he made a mistake on the air or lied about something he had said.

He recently told his audience that he picked the Giants to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl [February 3, 2008] and beat them big. Two days later, a listener produced an audiotape of him predicting the exact opposite before the game. I attacked and attacked and attacked he got wind of it and wanted to stop. How dare a fellow CBS Radio broadcaster attack him? He thought he had the clout to make me disappear.


The entire morning show staff came into the office. They expected to show what Mike called, and that's just what they got. The phone rang. I let it ring again and again before picking it up.

"Is this Craig?"
"Yes, it is. Who is this?”
"It's Mike.”
"Mike, who?” I figured I fuck with him right out of the gate.
He raised his voice. "Mike Francesa. What did you say about me on your show today?”

We went back and forth cursing at each other like sailors until it was clear neither one of us was going to give any ground. I hung up on him. He never called back.

Wait: Super Bowl XLII was February 3, did Carton & Francesa speak about it while Carton was at WNEW? That was 2000-2001.

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