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Dolphins respond brilliantly to Bruce Arian's bizarre 'they made it rain' claim

Bruce Arians had two problems with the Dolphins Sunday. A) He accused the special teams of using an illegal fake snap count on the Cardinals' first missed extra point which caused an early snap. "We had a situation where somebody yelled out a snap count and we snapped an extra point early and missed the first extra point," Arians told Sirius XM NFL Radio.

Dolphins special teams coach Darren Rizzi was having none of that.

Part II to that answer? "Rizzi throws in there that he's not sure which kick Arians is referencing because they missed three. [fire emoji]"


And now on to (B) in which Arians bizarrely claimed that the 'Phins made it rain...only when Arizona had the ball.

"We practiced with a wet ball on Wednesday and didn't have any problems," Arizona coach Bruce Arians said. "But when it continually pours when you have the ball, which was kind of odd, it's tough."

Same guy who a few weeks ago called the NFL 'bullshit.'

And some of his players got in on the nonsense this time.

Every time we got the ball it seemed like it was pouring, like a monsoon," Cardinals receiver J.J. Nelson said. "I've never played in anything like that."

"Every time we had the ball, it just started turning on and staying on," Carson Palmer added. "Then it would stop."

Well - Rizzi wasn't done. He was offended so...he got in the final closing shot. "Other than making it rain when they had the ball, I didn't do anything wrong."


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