Jeff Hornacek said he'd never tolerate Melo's laziness just 6 months ago... | Bob's Blitz

Jeff Hornacek said he'd never tolerate Melo's laziness just 6 months ago...

Craig Carton absolutely hammered the lazy Carmelo Anthony for taking a rest game last night. Absolutely hammered him.

Worse than Jeff Hornacek saying that the 'only time Karl Malone didn't play was when he was suspended?' The fact that, just 6 months ago, he stated that Melo's actions were exactly what he wouldn't tolerate. Jeff told the Post that his on court mentality included "I felt that I laid it out there all the time." Before adding, "That’s kind of what I look for when I look at players...He’d have the toughness, he’d have smarts, he’d have shooting ability. I think if you have a good understanding of the game offensively, you should have it defensively too. And a guy that’s willing to sacrifice."

"Just try to do your best that you possibly can. Not everybody can be a Michael Jordan, but you can be the best player that you’re capable of doing with your God-given talents. But to try to achieve that, there’s a lot of hard work. And there’s not a lot of guys that will put in that hard work to get to that level."

Q: What won’t you tolerate?

A: A lack of effort. That’ll drive a coach crazy, and that’s not just me (chuckle), I think that’s everybody. You know it’s hard when you play so many games and you’re traveling, you’re gonna have nights where you might not play well, and my biggest thing for the guys is, “Just play as hard as you can. You may not play well, but that’s fine. But just lay it out there.” That’s the one thing that’s tough to swallow.

Tough to enforce too, huh Jeff?

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