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Richard Sherman making the NFL safer by headhunting then concussing Jared Goff

Seattle Seahawk loudmouth Richard Sherman spent the lead up to TNF's game with the LA Rams yapping, 100% correctly, about how the NFL shows it doesn't care about player safety by holding Thursday night games.

And then the repeat offender took QB Jared Goff out with a hit to the head.

A disgusting disregard for his fellow player's health. You know what makes the NFL unsafe? A completely non-textbook 'tackle' with no attempt to, you know, use one's hands to, you know, tackle an opponent.

Lowers his shoulder and drives his helmet right into Goff's head. No thought from the Stanford man at all to tackle him even though a light wrap up would have easily ended the play.

Goff left in the fourth quarter after suffering a concussion & Rams interim head coach John Fassel said Goff was placed in concussion protocol. Yes, Goff could have avoided the dirty hit by running out of bounds - but he doesn't have to and he should expect, of all people, not to take a helmet to helmet hit from the hypocrite Sherman for his efforts.

The hypocrite Sherman talked about the hit on NFL Network's TNF Postgame, saying that he felt Goff was showing "a little disrespect in his running style, he was acting like he was getting a freebie to end zone."

Got that? HE was showing a little disrespect. Why yes - this is the same goon cornerback who took out Bills kicker Dan Carpenter on an attempted blocked field goal. The same jerk who 'takes football more seriously than his own life.' His, not yours. Except in soundbites.

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