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Saudi scientists conclude women are mammals & will have respect like goat

Saudi scientists concluded that women are actually mammals and they will now have the same rights as other species such as camels, Arabian camels, and even goats.

"This is a big step forward for all women in Saudi Arabia," concludes Colette Turcotte, spokesman for Female Liberation-Action. "It may seem too little, too late, but we went very far," she says, visibly excited. "From now on, women will be considered as belonging to the class of mammals, whereas before we conceded them the legal status of an object or a home," she admits.

Julie Cousteau, spokesman at Amnesty International, added, "This is the happiest day of my life! Finally, women will no longer be considered as objects without souls, but as mammals, with the same rights as other animals of their species such as camels and goats," she says, visibly moved. "They are still far from being considered 100% like humans, but their conditions will improve drastically with this decision," she believes strongly.

"It could create significant swirls toward the legal and legal side of things," says political analyst specializing in the Middle East Julien Leek. "If before women had the same rights as a chair or a table and were seen as an individual property, they now have an equivalent status to certain animal species and must have, at the very least, feeding, watering, and a minimum of attention and respect, which was not the case previously," he noted.

According to the expert panel that ruled on the matter women are devoid of a soul but have very common traits to mammal qualities including a spinal cord -- which would explain their ability to procreate -- concluded experts at this historic decision.

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