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Gay basher Mike Francesa infers caller must be homosexual

Homophobic gay basher Mike Francesa had John in White Plains follow up on Dave in Uniondale's shock that fatso Francesa doesn't note Matt Harvey has gained weight, back in May. 80 seconds in, Mike relented that maybe he did notice Harvey had gained 15 pounds before he moved into a homophobic attack in which he asked if John keeps the nude Harvey pictures nearby for reference.

Yesterday he was bashing yet again. This time implying Ray in Robbinsville has a same sex attraction to Justin Bieber and OBJ after detecting it's a prank call.

(Ryan Davis has proof Odell Beckham, Jr. is not gay, FWIW.)

Three years ago Mike Francesa stated that homosexuality was not normal. Later, Francesa said to a caller who stated "God help us with this gay stuff. We're going to hell..." -- I understand that.

Phil Mushnick summed up at the time: According to the all-knowing and very worldly Mike Francesa – vis-à-vis Michael Sam’s declaration — people actually choose to become homosexual; they “decide.”

Yeah, it’s like ordering off a menu.

A year later, with WFAN's blessing, apparently...Mike Francesa declared "15 is too young to 'make decisions' regarding 'not normal' homosexual urges."

Remember that as Francesa looks for another job next year.

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