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Michael Kay & Peter Rosenberg respond to Craig Carton's planted prank call allegation

Kevin from Saugerties, NY called Craig Carton Tuesday in a sad attempt to prop up ESPN New York 98.7FM's Peter Rosenberg with a call about Sam Ponder's massive fail during the Clemson / Alabama National Championship. (Sam - you have one job. Interview the National Champion winning head coach and you came up with, "How does it feel?" Yep, great stuff Ponder.)

You know Peter Rosenberg. Michael Kay's pablum puking liberal lapdog. One who would probably pay to watch hookers pee on a bed Barack Obama has slept in if given the chance.

Well yesterday afternoon, completely unfazed by the zero ratings claim, Michael Kay (above during a recent Ebro in the Morning appearance), Don La Greca, & Rosenberg responded.

For 12 minutes.

Rosenberg and Kay are stunned by the stupidity of Boomer Esiason & Craig not knowing where Suagerties is. Kay wants to assure everyone that he does have ratings and Rosenberg wants you to know that he, B&C, and Bob's Blitz have such a crossover crowd that he learned of and then was able to hear the clip seconds after it occurred.

Oh and then magically Kevin from Saugerties calls in. It's one great ménage à quatre.

Finally - La Greca took aim at the special kind of stupidity Boomer Esiason brings to the table. The tale of the great Joe Maracic (@GrafixJoker) is retold. You might recall it. Boomer, who thinks he is a New York Ranger not just a NYR fan, blocked Joe for designing a picture of him holding the Stanley Cup. Commence shaking your head at that boys and girls. (BTW, Maracic deserves MLB licensing and should be making Mets items...)

Here's Kay, Rosenberg, & La Greca (oh - and Kevin...) from 98.7 ESPN NY yesterday afternoon.

Note to all 4: Fans couldn't care less about fugazi radio demographic ratings. You care because of ad revenue but all fans want, and here's your challenge, is to know the total number of listeners you have. "How many people listen to XYZ?"


*Update -- they're at it again...with racism charges this time.

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