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Mike Francesa dropped an S-Bomb during his last ever Super Bowl trivia contest

Mike Francesa's 2017 Bose WFAN FM-AM Super Bowl trivia contest was really, really lame. So lame that Francesa was forced by our report of lameness to relay the rules and the fact that each Qualifying Prize winner would receive a different question/audio challenge.

And only one trip was being awarded.

Craig Carton went to town on it: "One down, ok? 3 away from going...going nowhere."

We predicted that the Grand Prize Game could turn into a technical disaster. And Francesa, who has destroyed contests in the past, didn't disappoint.

He dropped an S-bomb: "Which Super Bowl winning quarterback, Sean, was born in Jersey Shitty?"

And then? He, Francesa, got the last question's answer wrong. "What Superbowl MVP was born in Voorhees, NJ?" Adam R writes, "The person guessed Flacco which was wrong (Audubon, NJ), HOWEVER, Francesa said the answer was Franco Harris. Everywhere I looked, he was born in Fort Dix, NJ. See sites below…"



How, given that last answer Mike incorrectly gave, can ANY wrong answer today (or for the week for that matter) that Mike Francesa ruled incorrect that busted a contestant be trusted?

It can't.

And now WFAN's Craig Carton gets in on the hi-jinx.

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