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NY Giants WRs 'Lost at Sea'

Giants Receivers Lost at Sea

By: Brian Norris

The last time the Dallas Cowboys were 13-3 and the the top seed in the NFC was 2007. Most sports fans will remember Tony Romo's infamous trip to Cabo, which every sports analyst flagged a reason for their loss to the Giants.

Giants players should remember that- after all, it's a key storyline in a major year in Giants history. Even if the trip had no effect, it definitely didn't look good.

Apparently Odell Beckham doesn't remember. The story after the game, inevitably, has been the trip he took to Miami with fellow receivers Victor Cruz and Sterling Shepard.

The three combined for 11 catches and 121 yards,but the biggest story has been Beckham's 4 catches for 28 yards, mostly because he dropped multiple balls, including a sure touchdown. Naturally, the man married to a kicking net after attacking it a few weeks earlier provided extra drama after the game. Lambeau Field security is currently investigating damage in the locker room that was reportedly caused by Beckham, including him punching a hole in the wall.

This loss ended the Giants’ season and spoiled a third matchup with the Dallas Cowboys, which would have taken place Sunday at 4:40 PM in the divisional round. With the Giants giving the Cowboys basically their only two losses of the season (they sat their starters in their week 17 loss), it would have been the matchup of the year. The Giants would have came into Dallas very confident and with the way the Giants won their previous two Super Bowls, the storyline of “the one team you don’t to play in the playoffs” would have started rolling. Instead, the Giants season is over and the Cowboys welcome a red-hot Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers into Jerry’s World.

The worst part is that the news only broke because Cruz posted it to his Instagram, unlike the Romo story, which broke because Jessica Simpson's dad contacted the press. The players had actually been spotted clubbing on Snapchat before the photo, too, although Cruz probably didn't post videos himself because of who they were partying with. Seriously? Justin Bieber? Khloe Kardashian? Johnny Manziel?!

While Cruz's actions are understandable, who among us wouldn't want to brag about hanging out with celebrities, there have been numerous cases of players causing controversy or even drumming themselves out of the NFL thanks to social media mistakes. That goes double for the crowd the players were spending time with. Seriously, those are not celebrities to be proud of clubbing with, especially Manziel, the textbook case of partying your way out of the NFL.

Beckham has tried to defend his actions, claiming that what happened a week before the game couldn't have caused his problems, and he's not alone. Tom Brady, the king of preparation now that Peyton Manning has retired, has actually defended Beckham and admitted to similar trips in his younger days.

Whether you buy Brady's take or the one that spread on Twitter like wildfire, it's inexcusable for a pro player. As one man said on a sports talk show, you'll have six months to party in Miami when the season's over.

And now it's over sooner than it had to be.

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