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Bulletproof Coffee...It's what gets Tim Tebow going in the morning

You know who's a big fan of Bulletproof Coffee? That's right - Tim Tebow.

tim tebow drinks bulletproof coffee

The makers of Bulletproof Coffee write:

Coffee with Brain Octane™ Oil and butter tastes awesome and the two are more powerful together than apart. Coffee transports the Brain Octane™ Oil into the cells faster and Brain Octane™ Oil serves as the synergist to increase absorption of coffee’s major minerals.

Grass-fed butter provides some unique, must-have fatty acids that deliver much needed health benefits including healthy hormones.

Take 2 cups of Upgraded™ Coffee, 2 tbs. of unsalted grass-fed butter, and 2 tbs of Brain Octane™ Oil and blend it together with a good blender until a creamy head of foam forms. Then pour and enjoy this healthful, frothy, and delicious cup of Bulletproof® Coffee.

They also provide more info on the Octane Oil (medium chain triglyceride derived from coconut oil): "Pure Bulletproof Brain Octane™ is up to 18x more powerful than coconut oil for enhanced cognitive function. It is the most valuable medium chain triglyceride derived primarily from coconut oil (or palm kernel when required). Brain Octane is most rapidly metabolized into ketones, providing a quick source of brain fuel from fats rather than inflammation-causing sugar. Adding Brain Octane to your diet helps you maintain peak mental performance. Brain Octane also supports healthy digestion and immune function. No refrigeration required. Liquid at room temperature."

If you prefer Bulletproof Ground Coffee, you can get it separately right here right now and the Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil is available right here right now.

WikiPedia reports that David Asprey developed his Bulletproof Coffee recipe after traveling to Tibet. Asprey's recipe calls for brewing coffee with "upgraded" beans which Asprey claims are low in mycotoxins. To this 1–2 tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter (or ghee) and 1–2 tablespoons of "Brain Octane" oil (a mostly 8-carbon octanoic acid fraction of MCT oil) are added.[14] The drink is then blended for 20–30 seconds until frothy

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