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Phil Mushnick not a fan of 'happy headed' Allie LaForce's NCAA exposé

Phil Mushnick's Equal Time has CBS won’t LaForce the issue this morning leading with Smiling throughout, CBS sideline reporter Allie LaForce, during Thursday’s Villanova-Mount St. Mary’s game, was delighted to share this story:

Mount St. Mary’s, having qualified as a play-in two nights earlier, had flown in at 2 a.m. and now were playing some more basketball.

But that is nothing, she merrily piped. She had something “really fascinating” to tell us: Mount St. Mary’s, in the hills of northern Maryland, this season took an extended road trip: “19 days, 12 states, eight games, seven different flights, five different bus companies!”

She was right: Fascinating!

Apparently, it didn’t dawn on her happy-headed report that she caused intelligent viewers to holler, “Then when the heck did they go to school?”

As a reporter, wasn’t LaForce driven to ask how these student-athletes could be the first of the two while on a 19-day road trip?

Or was it that because she is a sideline reporter, reporting is just a sideline?

Ouch. Why does the NCAA even bother to make believe they're a union of schools? And how, possibly, could these college athletes possibly be getting enough sleep to boot?

In a related note - here's Allie LaForce pumping a sideline bike.

*Update - Mushnick just went after Allie again.

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