Showtime's 'TRUMPED Impossible Rise' is the greatest video of all time | Bob's Blitz

Showtime's 'TRUMPED Impossible Rise' is the greatest video of all time

Showtime's TRUMPED Impossible Rise (A behind the scenes look into the biggest political upset in recent US history. Mark Halperin, John Heilemann and Mark McKinnon follow the rise of Donald Trump from the primaries through the debates to the drama of election night.) is the greatest video of all time.

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Team (including Chairman John Podesta, Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, and Campaign Manager Robby Mook) talking about how easy it was going to be for them to beat Donald Trump in the General Election is just the appetizer.

This mashup of soundbites and news clips detailing the down moments and criticisms of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign are only better in the movie because there are faces and names to the dolts.

It's available on Showtime on Demand until Friday under Showtime - HD - Reality - Documentaries. Or you can get it over on Amazon.

Donald Trump's brilliant blueprint for USA is going to send the stock market soaring again today.

Not a Democrat who deserves re-election. <---and that will not be forgotten come election days.

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