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List of homophobic Stephen Colbert's sponsors

Here's a list of of homophobic Stephen Colbert's parent network CBS' top advertisers.

1 Otezla Celgene
2 Humira AbbVie Inc.
3 Trulicity Eli Lilly
4 Dell Technologies Dell
5 Linzess Forest Laboratories,LLC
6 Verbizi Allergan
8 XARELTO Janssen
9 Trivago
10 Brighthouse Meta Life Brighthouse Financial
11 Lyrica Pfizer
12 Taltz Eli Lilly
13 Liberty Mutual Liberty Mutual Group
14 Prevagen Prevagen Quincy Bioscience
15 Flonase GSK
16 Ancestry Inc.
17 Prudential Insurance Retirement Prudential Financial
18 Toujeo Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC.
19 Polident GSK
20 Farmers Insurance

Reads like a pharmaceutical warehouse. Shill much? Flip them off. (Don't just stop using medications.)

CBS has a history of sanctioning gay bashing. WFAN radio talk show host Mike Francesa agreed with a caller who said homosexuality is not normal.

Francesa, who then declared 15 'too young' to make decisions about homosexual urges, went on to talk all about 'The Homosexual Condition' on CBS owned WFAN in NY.

CBS decided in 2014 that Francesa wouldn't be suspended for his anti-gay agenda because they didn't want to open a can of worms. What'd he get for his efforts? A November 15th sendoff at $50 and $100 dollars a ticket.


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