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Mike Francesa singing 'Summer Wind'

Mike Francesa sang Summer Wind with Frank Sinatra yesterday.

Fans of Francesa know quite well that Mike owned a horse named Summer Wind. Classic Marilyn was named after his mother (Marilyn passed away in April 2005. Shortly thereafter Mike created the Francesa Scholarship Fund in her memory in order to benefit St. John’s students.)

Kruncher. Enough said. High Oak. Not sure about that one. It's Just Emotion? Sure.

But by far and away the most interestingly named horse that Francesa has owned is Kiki B. 'Kiki B' is a slang term that translates as: A person who will confuse. A person who will lead you further and further away from reality through the use of inductive fallacies.

You don't have to make this stuff up. Mike once interviewed Secretariat.

And never forget - all race horses are abused and the 'events' should be stopped.

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