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Mike Francesa trademarked 'Mongo Nation' & 'Numbah One' for clothing & horse racing touts

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We were first to tell you that Mike Francesa's 'Someday Sports, Inc.' (24 Park Avenue, Lido Beach, New York 11561) had trademarked Mike's On (for Entertainment Services In The Nature Of On-Going Radio, Television, Satellite And On-Line Programs In The Field Of Sports). Turns out Someday (which has abandoned a demand deposit account at Capital One as well as unused gift certificates attributed to Roe Francesa and at some time was associated with Mike Francesa's home address of 191 Elderfields Rd, Manhasset, NY 11030 as well as with another company, SOMEDAY SPORTSCASTING LLC) has gone ahead and trademarked not only the term 'Mongo Nation' but 'Numbah One' as well.

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Numbah One is to be used on clothing, namely, shirts, pants, shorts, jackets and hats. Mongo Nation on clothing; sports information and analysis; broadcasting; entertainment services in the nature of on-going radio, television, satellite and on-line programs in the field of sports; entertainment services, namely, providing information in the field of race horses and horse racing.

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SSI is currently the owner of Mike'd Up, Mike's On, Mike's on the Air, plus the aforementioned Mongo Nation and Numbah One.

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The insufferable Francesa talked the revolutionary technology of recording oneself and uploading it to the internet, aka, podcasting, with Bill Simmons yesterday.

Jeeze - Francesa's stupidity combined with Simmons' effeminate voice makes for really bad radio.

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