Phil Mushnick absolutely KO'd Boomer Esiason this morning | Bob's Blitz

Phil Mushnick absolutely KO'd Boomer Esiason this morning

Phil Mushnick has a long memory.

Double-standard Esiason

Disappointed that Weekday Boomer Esiason didn’t sustain the courage of his convictions by claiming that the kid in the stands injured by a shattered bat, Wednesday in Yankee Stadium, got what he deserved.

Two years ago a woman was smashed in the head by then-Cub Starlin Castro’s straight-back foul ball as she took her seat behind the backstop in Pittsburgh. The ball hit the screen so hard the screen compressed; the woman was nailed, went down and was rushed to a hospital. The video still causes gasps.

But Esiason, in his WFAN morning drive remorseless wise-guy mode, ridiculed the woman, claiming it was her fault “for not paying attention.” Same with that kid in the Stadium on Wednesday, eh, Boomer?


Phil really needs to black Esiason for those incredibly bad Investors Bank ads...

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