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Mike Francesa brawled with Mark Chernoff after losing ratings battle with Michael Kay Show

Racist, homophobic radio comes to an end

Mike Francesa and Brandon Tierney (who turns 44 today) got into a brawl inside the former's 'castle' at WFAN 2 weeks ago. Last week? It was Mike and Mark Chernoff.

Again. (Sources told us that Francesa v Chernoff is the most frequent of screaming matches that take place at the station - 2014 was the famous Super Bowl travel plans beef to name one.) Francesa's final year on WFAN has been awful. A career that long will have its ups and downs but this, this being his voice, his growing mistakes, his inability to interview, has tarnished his legacy.

The impetus to this yelling? Francesa blames Chernoff for losing the ratings war with The Michael Kay Show.

Yep, that's Mark's fault.

It is Mark's fault that racist Francesa has been allowed to scream at co-workers at will for years but...not that his show is a tired former shell of itself where a producer has to now let known prank calls in in order to keep the train wreck aspect of it going.

Francesa stated in Things at WFAN are not good back in 2015: "Sometimes you and your team go in different directions. We're in different places right now. We're on different roads the two may never meet again. I'm not going to tell you things are good, they're not. They're not good, I'm being honest. I can't be more specific right now, I can't. I'm not going to paint you a picture that things are good, they're not good." (Translation: My ratings are bad, really bad.) And Chris Russo stated at the time, "I will tell you what I’m surprised with. I’m surprised Mike’s relationship with Chernoff has evaporated. That surprises me,” Russo said. “Mark is a good people person. He handled Imus. He handled (Howard) Stern. He handled Mike and me. I’m surprised that (his relationship with Francesa) has gone off kilter. I’m surprised Chernoff hasn’t been able to settle everything down."

How bad is it for Francesa? Ratings in April AND May 2017 for YES' live simulcast of ESPN Radio New York's The Michael Kay Show were historical highs as well.

There's a new fat guy afternoons...

Pea shooters and all.

*Update -- There was more to the Mark Chernoff fight with Mike Francesa fight than ratings.

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