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Phil Mushnick destroyed that stupid coward Joe Benigno

Phil Mushnick killed Joe Benigno's straight out cowardliness this morning.

WFAN host takes a stand in the most hypocritical way possible

As Jimmy Durante would hoarsely holler, “Stop da music!”

Tuesday on WFAN, Joe Benigno had some harsh words aimed at many. He said TV is now loaded with experts who know nothing about sports but are hired to make noise and arouse attention.

However, his bold condemnation of such know-nothings was abruptly tempered and heard as timid, as he explained, “I don’t want to mention names.”

Maybe, just maybe...I'll have some of my healthcare professionals use my f*cking DNA to make critical decisions about my health now that I've lost 50 pounds this month. 

Well, stop da music.

Seventeen months ago, Benigno both violated and escaped Federal Trade Commission statutes on advertising fraud. He lent his name, position and voice to the rush of get-rich-fast commercials endorsing the fantasy sports gambling enterprise DraftKings, which so clearly, as seen in endless TV pitches, targeted impressionable — vulnerable — caps-turned-backward young males.

But when the rocks under which DraftKings and FanDuel operated were removed, the businesses were exposed as slimy operations predicated on unregulated sucker-bets, a big-score insiders’ trading scandal and the preposterous, repetitious claim that risking one’s money to win money betting on sports is not gambling.

To his credit, Benigno didn’t hide. He admitted on air he had zero knowledge to what he’d attached his name and fame; he was in on the hard-sell of something he knew nothing about.

“I’m illiterate with this stuff,” he confessed. Then, although too late, added, “I want nothing to do with it.”

But Tuesday he trashed those who holler about things they know nothing about. And that stopped the music.

Honestly - if you trust any ad that runs on WFAN - you need to check yourself. You fat, debt ridden, impotent, carless, jobless, uneducated dope. And, never forget, at Investors Bank...complacency will not be understood, OK?

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