Premio Sausage rebukes Al Dukes produced WFAN inferred dong ad reads

Boomer & Carton's ad reads for Premio sausage are inundated with a barrage of soundbites meant to compare the links to penises. Executive producer Al Dukes allowed the Sausages!, I love Sausage!, Stuffing a sausage! and Sausage in my mouth! type soundbites (a sample of which can be heard in this banter) to be played over and over again. A juvenile premise Jerry Recco found funny...Premio Foods certainly did not, Tweeting: "We apologize for any comments made on WFAN. While we have a relationship with the radio station, we DO NOT endorse or condone such remarks."

boomer and carton premio sausage
Eat it. EAT IT!

Meh. Boomer Esiason is still grilling sausages indoors with a ding.

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