Artie Lange skipped out on his WFAN intervention with Chris Christie Friday

The always classy Artie Lange has had high level Chris Christie conversations in years past. (See, "Chris Christie go on the road and wipe his ass?") And he loves taking pictures next to the failed NJ governor. So why did he tweet, "I'm about to get in the car taking me to WFAN where at 9am Gov. Christie & Carton are int me & plugging my Aug 4-6 gigs @ Carolines!" Friday around 7:30 AM and then never make it to 345 Hudson? (Hell...this is a guy who Tweeted "I will never vote for Chris Fuckin Christie! It looks like Jerry Jones is shoving his face between a fat strippers tits when they celebrate." and then was angling for photos 6 months later at the True Blue Softball Game.)

A WFAN source texted us Friday, "artie didn't show because he didn't know christie was co-host until too late"

But why the Tweet?

"it was tweeted by his PR people"

Why did he not want to see the NJ Governor?

"those 3 disorderly persons charging stemming from the coke and H he knew it'd come up and didn't want a lecture"

And he never told the show?

"His PR person did let the show know he was bailing."

OK, whatever. Why didn't Craig Carton mention it at any time during the 9AM hour.


Ah, good stuff. Maybe Lange had...things to do.

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