US employment & incomes are soaring under Donald Trump now contact Congress & tell them to cut your taxes!

The number of people who applied for unemployment benefits in late August remained close to a postrecession low pointing to another solid monthly employment report near the end of summer.

US personal income rose 0.4% in July vs the 0.3% increase expected. US consumer spending was up 0.3 percent in July -- the fastest pace in three months while those aforementioned incomes grew by the largest amount since February -- both encouraging signs for future economic growth.

Private payrolls grew by 237,000 in August way ahead of the 185,000 that economists expected.

Stock market is up...up...up!
And second-quarter GDP just hit Presidnet Trump's 3% target.


The economy is soaring under Trump's solid and steady leadership. So who would want to derail that? The lying left. First read 'The Big 3 Tax Cut Lies That Democrats Keep Telling' over at Investors Business Daily and then, TODAY, contact your members of Congress right here right now and tell them: REFORM & CUT corporate, middle class, and capital gains taxes...Now!

Or else...

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