Boomer Esiason announces Craig Carton has been suspended indefinitely from WFAN

Boomer Esiason announced this morning that Craig Carton has been suspended indefinitely from WFAN.

Esiason, one of the enablers at CBS who went through tiresome days in which he claimed to bring in thousands of dollars for Carton to turn into gambling winnings, is shocked? Not at a gambling problem, right? A media watchdog reached out to us and asked if we were shocked. We wrote, "Are we shocked about the gambling problem? Hell no. Are we shocked that if true he ripped off innocents? 100%. And, let's be honest, the FBI getting a 26 page indictment wrong? Hey, Comeys gone! Probably not...quite sickening." So let's calm down there a bit Boomer.

Yesterday we reported a WFAN insider text us: "Guys - place is in shambles. Everybody, and I mean everybody, knows the Boomer Esiason Show will crash and burn. Pair him with whomever you want and it fails. Fails big time. And nobody proved they were going to fill Mike Francesa's shoes. Not even declining ratings Francesa. Now two spots. DO NOT BE SURPRISED to hear Mike is returning at $10 million per year. Don't be..."

Can Boomer be paired with a serviceable partner for The Boomer Esiason Show? Sure. Is it going to be Boomer and Carton? No way in hell. (Ask Investors Bank how thrilled they are to have the studio named after them with fill-ins like Jerry Recco.)

Gambling addiction: A chronic illness Boomer Esiason has no problem mocking.

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