CBS Sports Network scrubbed Craig Carton from its WFAN Morning Show w/ Boomer Open

Here's the new open for the WFAN Morning Show w/ Boomer -- features Esiason throwing a pass, to no one, and then wondering about it.

And now Jerry Recco has taken to ruining Gregg Giannotti bits by guffawing all over the clips.

20 years an update boy getting up at 3AM with no growth for a reason. Why he's been kept that long a problem of CBS/WFAN.

Later, Gregg Giannotti ripped "My heart is broken" liar Dick Vitale: "You could argue that for the last 40 years no one has been closer to college basketball than that guy. SHUT UP! You knew exactly what was going on!"

Boomer Esiason: "Of course he knew."

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