Good lord Boomer Esiason just referred to Craig Carton as a gambling 'expert'

Just 2 days after Craig Carton was arrested for an alleged Ponzi scheme related to a gambling addiction and just one day after Boomer Esiason claimed that 'he loved his partner and was praying for him and his family' - Esiason and co-host Brandon Tierney made NFL picks against the spread (the only way to do it!) this morning.

And Esiason, after sickeningly feeling the need to state that he was 'buying the half a point,' replied to Tierney's surprise that he knew the ways of gambling by stating, "Well, I worked with an expert."

That's not a compliment. That's just friggin' sad. Shows no respect for the deathly serious nature of the issue and is just more in a long line of CBS/WFAN/Esiason enabling.

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